Max/MSP *retrieves laptop from ground*

A lot of this semester has gone into learning and creating things in Max 7. As I’ve said before, the difficulty curve is kind of unreasonable. But the programmer in me likes this kind of work. The final project for the class is to build something and make a presentation/performance out of it. We just recently built a vocoder together in class and I, being a singer, wanted to do more with that.

Long story short, last night I built a vocoder that outputs specific harmonies based on volume input. And it was surprisingly easy? Surprising in that I thought I would have to give up on the project because it’s highly dependent on an object I’ve never used and I don’t fully understand all the nitty-gritty of how sound is analyzed. But the object (Sigmund~ for those who are wondering) is really straightforward and easy to use and most of my time last night was on some grunt work of figuring out the logic of how to put the pieces together. It also helps that I basically ripped parts from our in class vocoder. But maybe I learned something from this class. Maybe there will be more Max in my future compositions. We’ll see.