Finding New Text

My roommate was watching a stand up comedy show while I was working in the other room and I thought it was funny how disjunct it could be while I was zoning in and out of what the comedian was saying. Thought it would be fun to write some poetry based on taking his phrases out of context.


Jasper Redd

football is my love.

This ain’t Soul Train.

I just ran past 11 black dudes.

I kid, I kid.

make a happy-happy.

Truth is, all dudes love white women.

I’m not suggesting we call it the Chocolate Factory.

All African-Americans should be able to identify with the penny.

Look at it’s life. Look at the penny.

I don’t mess with white chocolate.

I don’t put that yummy in my tummy.

advancement in candy technology

It’s south africa all over again in your mouth.

What color are fucking tires?

Instead it’s a “fucking disturbance”.

I’m tired of this shit.

Making weird ass noise while I’m eating waffles.

I was sad, feeling melancholy.

If you dead, I’m there.

Put your granny on that roller coaster.

Do a loop-de-loop. Straight to heaven.

I go to the “R.”

Bystanders say I’m bleeding profusely.

He was a mailman, lived in New Jersey.

I’m not gonna check phonetics at that moment.

Cauliflower! Come on! 

Aspirin! Fuck!

Google it if you have not.

Brush your fuckin’ teeth, man.

That was an awkward transaction.

Sex keeps you younger.

These women ain’t hos, they health nuts.

That could be good text for a piece. I’ll have to do this again.