Double Bass Double Bass

A friend of mine at CSULB approached me after my recital (which she did a wonderful job on) and said I did a really good job with writing the bass part. I was of course honored to hear this, but doubly honored when she asked me to write her a piece for her recital. So we found some time to sit down, figure out her strengths and weakness, what she liked to listen to, what she liked about her instrument, logistics, etc.

And then I found some time to sit down and start writing. I’ll admit it was slow going for most of it. I hadn’t realized I’d become so accustomed to the option of chords (either with chordal instruments or large enough ensembles), and I was very frustrated with how bare and dull my first ideas were. But skipping ahead through the writing bits, I think and hope and pray that I’ve found something that satisfies me and the performers and the audience.

The piece is still going through some final edits, but I’m anxious to hear it already. That’s one of the things about composing. Sometimes I don’t know if I’ve made something good while I’m making it, or even after I’ve finished it. It’s only once I’ve heard it that I find out if the work I put made something I like in the end. Guess I’ll find out in November.