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Double Bass Double Bass

A friend of mine at CSULB approached me after my recital (which she did a wonderful job on) and said I did a really good job with writing the bass part. I was of course honored to hear this, but doubly honored when she asked me to write her a piece for her recital. So […]

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Max/MSP *retrieves laptop from ground*

A lot of this semester has gone into learning and creating things in Max 7. As I’ve said before, the difficulty curve is kind of unreasonable. But the programmer in me likes this kind of work. The final project for the class is to build something and make a presentation/performance out of it. We just […]

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Max/MSP *Throws Laptop from balcony*

To be honest, it’s not that bad. The difficulty curve is pretty harrowing, Dr. Martin Herman likes to teach it quickly, and it is one of the greater time sucks I’ve ever encountered. But I’ve got a decent background in computer science, so all of the coding aspects I understand. And I can’t deny how […]

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